Feb 19, 2020

What's good, i'm trying to make this a full time thing. I started it all probably a year ago and have gotten nowhere so lord knows if i'll get anywhere any time soon. But for now i'm gonna complain about the dude in front of me watching Scott Pilgrim on the school laptop.

Here's the thing: Scott Pilgrim isn't a bad movie. But just like most other bitter people, i hate it cause it's just another fucking "waah im a loser white boy who can't get laid" movie. I don't really need to say anything else about it, except for the fact that the character costumes are god awful. What the FUCK is going on with Ramona's hair in the movie? Oh also, it's another Michael Cera movie and he just plays the same character over and over.

Thank god. He turned it off.

Anyway, this is the video that summarizes why every bitter asshole hates the movie/books. Enjoy

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